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The ancient philosopher Epictetus once wrote...

"Know first who you are, then adorn yourself accordingly." 


Since 2009 we have sourced and collected a vast array of vintage, antique and collectible items from across the globe.  We breathe new life into little forgotten relics from history by creating beautiful, meaningful and memorable exclusive pieces of wearable art.

With our focus predominantly on history, fashion and art, we endeavor to be unconventional in our sometimes fierce and fickle world of fashion. Rather than indulge our throw away society, we aim to bring connectedness, meaning and longevity into our designs. We celebrate art, creativity and also encourage individuality.

Our exclusive pieces present our customers with the opportunity to make informed and meaningful purchases. Each piece is individually handcrafted in our Byron Bay studio, given its own unique title, and an accompanying story listing its features and their origins.

When purchasing a piece from us, you are acquiring a completely unique and guaranteed exclusive piece of wearable art.



When Nicoletta started creating her one-off and limited edition pieces of wearable art, she never imagined Republic of You would become popular so quickly. Her intention was never to create items that were so exclusive, only a portion of people who loved the label could afford them.  Using her style and individuality, she busied herself and created a collection which would be available and affordable for everyone.

Designed with the same care and energy that goes into the signature pieces, this collection encompasses all Republic of You represents - style and timeless design with an urban edge.
We hope you find something truly wonderful here to adorn and call your own.